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For a lot of people become a millionaire seems as something for moviestars or CEO's from big companies. I think becoming a millionaire is something that can be achieved by everyone who is committed of becoming one. On this blog I will post my ideas and you can follw the steps I take to become a millionaire. My goal is to create an millionaire-like income. Why don't you join me and become one too?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

First succes

It' been a while since I posted. In the past month I worked out some idea's and created a website with some google-ads on it. The first dollars are on my account and I try to improve it by getting more people to vissit my site. What I found out is that you can increase the traffic to your site by focussing the content of your site. The best topics to start with are niches. So things people want information about but for which the search results in Google are low. If you make a website about let's say dog's it's hard to get a top-10 position in Google. Ity's better to focus on a particular sort of dog and put in all information about that. Get some high-quality inbound-links and of you go.

Current balance:
$ 50


simon sim said...

A lot in fact. I've met dozens and dozens of wannabe marketers out there who are incredibly smart. They know about all the latest products, who everyone, is and what everyone does. But they aren't making a dime online.
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BA said...

What program did you use to create your site? How long did it take to make that $50?

Thanks for the info.

Mandros said...

I took me 6 months.......at this moment

BA said...

Thanks for the info.